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I am aware that summer is not right around the corner but it is honestly the only thing I’m looking forward to so here we go.

  • Farmers Market: This would be cute for a small town roleplay or for a big city where there’s a more laid back scene. Where I live Farmers Markets occur every Saturday from April-November so the tendency of these things would be up to you. I think it’d be more special if it only lasted a week or so and you made it an event. It may sound boring but you can do so many things with Farmers Markets; shop for crafts, vegetables, fish, host entertainment for people that are shopping. 
  • Pride Fest: If you don’t know what this is it’s basically to celebrate the local LGBTQ community. There is a parade, live music, food and dancing. Basically everything is really colorful and a bit overwhelming but everyone feels right at home. At least, from what I’ve experienced. I think this event would be fitting for people living in a big city or near a big city because it is an annual event in a few places so it’d reinforce the idea that your roleplay is keeping up with the times. 
  • Exploring Unknown: This would be less for a large city setting but if you would prefer it for a large city setting, I would suggest underground subways or sewage systems. As for other places, I think that if a group of teenagers or something got together and decide to explore the nearby woods, caves, or abandoned train tracks it could make for some very nice paras. Whether they see anything supernatural or not is completely up to you but imagine the accidental touching, the creaming, the cool summer air causing them more goosebumps than necessary. 
  • Park Movies: A nearby park plays a movie once a month or once a week at the park for everyone. They display it off of the building where the bathrooms are located and everyone brings blankets, a picnic, and a group of friends or a romantic other. This could be something in general that’s done and people can use for paras or a one time event that last over the period of a weekend so that everyone has time to participate. Don’t forget about how the weather could add a nice plot twist and the type of movie you’ll want to play! 
  • Outdoor Concert: For this I think more of a Coachella situation would work best. Because if you’re just going to para a concert then you’ll be bled dry pretty fast. It’s like, get to the place, see concert, leave. That’s not very fun, is it? It’s better with a group of friends than with just one other person and if you can add food, tents, and crafting into the mix then you’re in for quite the summertime experience. 
  • Block Party: I’ve never experience one of these but they sound pretty nice. Again, leaning more toward small town situations. Basically all of the neighbors close down the street or go to one designated person’s house and everyone brings their best dish and some sodas. The children play on trampolines and swings, the teenagers try as hard as possible to stay out of people’s way or escape to the nearby lake and the adults gossip about each other and where their children will be going once they graduate high school. It’s a very social event. 
  • Meteor Shower: This happened last summer and it was really inspiring in an odd way. Driving out to the middle of nowhere, sitting on top of your car with your best friend or significant other, heck, maybe even a stranger and looking up as the sky illuminates with something so terribly foreign to you. This would make a perfect first date or the saddest goodbye you could have ever imagined. 

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And in the US it's technically illegal for any minor to roleplay smut. Writing fanfiction is legal, but roleplaying smut with another either of age or not is illegal. It goes along the sexting laws. You can even look it up if you're not sure.

Oh Jesus. I am awful at smut, but glad I am over 18.

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Some parents are crazy strict and the roleplayer doesn't need to tell on the other. It's not rocket science for a parent to take away someone's phone and or or computer and bring it in to the police who can find out the other within minutes through the IP Adress. You shouldn't underestimate your parents or legal guardians. That's what can get you and your partners into trouble.

-the smart, wonderful AND lovely Kayla.

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No one would actually tell on their rp partner and get them in trouble. We are not so stupid.

You would not intentionally, but typically, and hopefully, your parents are watching you and will want to know who you’re taking to. If they see you have a sexual exchange with stranger, they will want to know who that is right away. And then they don’t play nice. So, no. It can happen.

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